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  • Child & Youth Health Research Network Workshop: Introduction to Health Economics

September 19, 2008: Victoria, BC

Economics is of increasing importance in health research, both in the producing of knowledge and the use of that knowledge. It is common for granting agencies, such as the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, to favour applications which address economics in tandem with important clinical issues. Similarly, the end-users of research-generated knowledge must base service decisions on both benefits and cost. As such, it is important to appreciate how to conduct economic evaluations of new and existing interventions, and to be able to critically appraise such evaluations.



  • 6th International Symposium: Public Health and the Agricultural Rural Ecosystem 
    October 19-23, 2008: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 
    The Sixth International Symposium, Public Health and the Agricultural Rural Ecosystem, invites oral and poster presentations that address public health issues related to the agricultural rural ecosystem and that capture the health and safety impact of the profound changes taking place in agriculture and rural communities. With rapid changes affecting the very survival of rural peoples, this International Symposium will promote sharing of new knowledge, building future relationships with other researchers from around the globe, and developing knowledge translation networks. Furthermore, it will broaden our perspective to examine the social, political, and environmental impact on the health of the rural peoples around the world. The Symposium is intended to be inclusive of all rural settings, from those in fully industrialized countries to those in emerging or subsistence economies.



  • Re-Imagining Health Services: Innovations in Community Health Conference 
    November 6-8, 2008 – Vancouver, British Columbia
    The conference aims to engage a broad range of stakeholders—services users, community health care providers, health professionals, health authorities, academics, unions, community groups and government—in a discussion of the research on innovations in the community health sector; that is, primary health care services, community mental health services, residential care, home support, home care, health promotion, etc. The conference will highlight positive examples from BC and elsewhere of small and large-scale models for the delivery of community health services that areproven effective in increasing access and improving health status, particularly for vulnerable populations

Health Research network is developed to support the networking of health researchers across disciplines and the many institutions. The main impetus behind the formation of these networks is to build capacity, facilitate and enhances ability to address health issues, and align health research in national and international research and funding priorities to improve competitiveness for external funding.