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BCRRHRN News – October 11, 2007


The British Columbia Rural and Remote Health Research Network (BCRRHRN) is committed to ensuring that rural and remote perspectives in health research are fully identified and addressed. We will accomplish this by:

  • Building a strong, vibrant rural and remote health research agenda in BC
  • Increasing the capacity for universities and communities to work together as research partners
  • Offering opportunities for training and mentoring
  • Sharing the knowledge gained through rural and remote focused health research
  • Supporting the work of rural and remote health researchers from all discipline



  • Congratulations James Haggerstone!


James Haggerstone of Northern Health has recently been awarded a 2007 Public Sector Information Technology Award. His project, the Northern Communities Mapping Project, won first prize in the Citizen Engagement category. This project involved the mapping of all communities in the Northern Health region, including Aboriginal communities and available health services. The Information Technology Awards recognize leadership, innovation and excellence in the use of information technology within the extended public services of British Columbia, including crown corporations, municipalities, public education and healthcare organizations.



  • Upcoming Coffee and Chocolate Event


Date: October 29, 2008, 11:30-1:00

Location: SFU Harbour Centre

Dr. Marina Morrow and Dr. Brenda Jamer will be presenting at this event. Click for event poster


  • BCRRHRN Inaugural Conference – Save the Date!


Date: May 13-14, 2008

Location: Coast Inn of the North, Prince George, BC

The BCRRHRN is excited to present its first conference entitled “The Many Faces of Rural Health Research in BC”. Stay tuned for more details!

Click for more information


  • Bringing Indigenous Knowledge to UNBC: A Sharing With Elders


Date: Oct 19-20, 2007

Location: Prince George, BC

A group of Elders has been invited to come to UNBC and share with their perspectives on how we can respectfully and responsibly incorporate Indigenous Peoples’ Knowledge into the teaching and research that takes place at the university. Invitees include respected Elders from surrounding areas as well as Elders who have extensive experience working within university settings in other parts of Canada. This group of knowledge holders will be able to help us understand local and regional needs and expectations, as well as what has taken place within other universities in order to successfully incorporate Indigenous Knowledge within their programs. The Elders’ sharing will be an inclusive and open event that will welcome the participation of UNBC faculty, staff and students, as well as members from the many diverse Aboriginal communities throughout our region.

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Funding Opportunity


  • BCRRHRN Collaborative Team Building Awards


We are pleased to announce our second call for applications to the Collaborative Team Building Award. This award provides up to $6,000 to promote and support the development of new multidisciplinary research teams focused on a rural and remote health issue, and whose main goal is to apply for research funding. For additional information contact Rachael Clasby at clasbyr@unbc.ca

Application deadline is November 30, 2007. Click for application form


  • New Research Awards for UNBC Students


The UNBC Office of Research and Graduate Programs has received funding for two exciting research project competitions as follows:

2008 Research Project Awards (RPA): UNBC has received funds from the Ministry of Advanced Education and the Ministry of Labour & Citizens’ Services to support student led research within the following areas: a) CIHR Disciplines b) NSERC Disciplines c) SSHRC Disciplines (up to 5 within this category may be awarded to undergraduate students).

Eligibility: Any full or part-time graduate student (excluding pre-entry and non-degree students) registered at UNBC are eligible for this funding. Undergraduate students who are registered in full or part-time studies from SSHRC Disciplines are invited to apply for the SSHRC Discipline awards.

Deadline: October 31, 2007 Click for application form

2008 Michael Smith Research Award (MSRA): UNBC’s strategic vision for Health Research is to become a centre of expertise for three interdisciplinary research themes: Aboriginal Health, Environmental Health, and Rural and Remote Health. Recently, the Michael Smith Foundation has accepted UNBC’s vision and provided tangible support to assist the University with its quest. Part of that assistance is the provision of funding for a research program that will help develop both future Health researchers and content knowledge in the three research domains. Accordingly, UNBC has established the Michael Smith Research Awards and welcomes applications for it from its students. Eligibility: Senior undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows at UNBC.

Deadline for applications: November 30, 2007 Click for application form

Health Research network is developed to support the networking of health researchers across disciplines and the many institutions. The main impetus behind the formation of these networks is to build capacity, facilitate and enhances ability to address health issues, and align health research in national and international research and funding priorities to improve competitiveness for external funding.