Immigrant Visa Medical Examination Details

October 8, 2018

Medical for Immigration

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Immigrant Visa Medical Exam

Generally, children who are under 15-years don’t need to undergo blood tests or chest x-rays, but they are required to undergo general physical examination and immunizations. The immigration doctor Toronto will perform the medical examination and provides medical examination details that are needed for Immigrant Visa. The medical examination includes a physical examination, medical history, blood tests and chest X-ray for syphilis.

The individuals must go through a minimum physical examination that includes an examination of the ears, eyes, throat, nose, heart, extremities, abdomen, lungs, heart, skin, external genitalia, and lymph nodes.

To help the committee of physicians perform a right test for accurate report the candidate should tell their medical history and present medical conditions like diabetes, pregnancy, hypertension, or any other health conditions. Also, they should mention the present medication that they are taking on a regular basis to the physician panel.

As per the age of the applicant, the medical history and present medical conditions, the real cost of the medical vaccinations and examination may vary for each candidate.


Not a Complete Examination:

According to the immigration medical exam, it states that the immigrant visa health check examination is to needed to check only for specific medical conditions that the United States PHS (Public Health Service) indicates for the purpose of the US immigration. It is not a complete or comprehensive physical examination, consultation, diagnosis, or treatment by your doctor or health care provider.

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Medical History and Conditions:

Mental Problems: If you are suffering from learning disability or mental retardation, then you must provide a report that confirms your health issues and the report must show if any special needs required for supervision or education.

If you had any violent of harmful history or behavior that may be caused any injury to animals or people, or harm to non-living object, then you must provide details that will permit the panel physician to decide if the behavior was due to any medical or psychiatric problem, or alcohol or drug issues. Dangerous or harmful behavior includes self-harm or attempted suicide, and it doesn’t matter how small in nature.

If you were hospitalized or treated for mental illness or psychiatric or drug or alcohol abuse, then you must provide written documents that include the duration of treatment provided, diagnosis, and prognosis.


It is important to provide accurate medical information during the Immigrant Visa medical examination. If you had suffered from positive results for tuberculosis, then you must bring a certificate from your doctor that shows the reasons for the positive results and mentioning what treatment or if any cure was prescribed for the disease and for how many days the treatment took place.

If you have suffered from TB, you must provide a written certification with the doctor’s signature as it shows and proves that you were treated adequately. The document must include types and dates f mediation taken.

If you have taken any time an abnormal chest x-ray, then make sure to get the last x-ray from the lab and bring them to the immigration doctor Toronto appointment.  You must get the real report, not the typed one to check with the x-rays so that you can provide at the immigrant visa medical examination.

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