Join Us

We invite anyone with an interest in health research to become involved in one or more MSFHR-funded networks. Participants in network activities include:

  • Institutionally-based researchers from all pillars and disciplines
  • Research trainees and students
  • Community-based researchers
  • Community collaborators
  • Service providers and directors working in the areas of health promotion, prevention and treatment with an interest in evidence-based practice
  • Policy-makers, including local and regional health authority representatives and others interested in evidence-based policy and planning
  • Individuals with an interest in health research

Why get involved?

  • Province-wide knowledge translation, promotion and networking support
  • Support for bringing research teams together to develop proposals and work on research projects across distance
  • Provincial and regional workshops aimed at enabling knowledge exchange and research involvement

Health Research network is developed to support the networking of health researchers across disciplines and the many institutions. The main impetus behind the formation of these networks is to build capacity, facilitate and enhances ability to address health issues, and align health research in national and international research and funding priorities to improve competitiveness for external funding.